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Benchtop Labortary pH & Temperature Meter

pHMeasurement range0 – 14 pH
Accuracy± 0.01 pH
Resolution0.01 pH
TemperatureMeasurement range0 ~ 100°C
Accuracy± 1°C
ORPMeasurement range-1999 to 1999 mV
Accuracy± 2mV
Temperature compensationAutomatic (0 ~ 99°C)
Temperature unitCelsius / Fahrenheit
DisplaySizable LCD display for simultaneous pH & temperature readouts
Calibrations2 points, automatic or manual
Case materialDurable ABS plastic
Power supply9V battery or AC adaptor
Dimensions (LxWxH)210 x 205 x 65 mm

1. Two Points Push-Button Calibration: This meter features with two points calibration function, and it will display the tip of standard buffer solution, You only need to immerse the electrode in standard solution and press [CAL], then the meter will calibrate automatically.
2. Auto Recognition pH Standard Solution: In calibration, the meter will display tip automatically if you use standard solution by mistake or not by the direction.
3. Viewing of Electrode Characteristics: After calibration, the meter will indicate automatically electrode slope. You can judge by the icon to replace it or not.
4. Automatic Temperature Compensation function
5. Keypad and Electrode Holder: The front panel is waterproofed so no issue for the solution splashing over the meter. The electrode holder can be used conveniently.

– 1 x Benchtop pH & Temperature Meter

– 1 x pH Electrode

– 1 x 250ml pH4 Buffer Powder

– 1 x 250ml pH7 Buffer Powder

– 1 x 250ml pH10 Buffer Powder

– 1 x Electrode Storage Solution Powder

– 1 x 9V Battery

– 1 x Instruction Manual

– 1 x Standard Factory Packing


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