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Precision HVAC Hot Wire Anemometer

This meter uses the telescoping probe, applications include hood velocity, clean rooms, OSHA compliance, ventilation ducts and outlets, heating and air – conditioning, wind tunnels, product development, air – flow research and mass – flow measurement in ducts. The standard probe length is 130mm (excluding handle) which can be extended to approx. 910mm maximum upon application. In addition to features like sizable LCD display with highly visible backlight for the dark environment, Max. / Min. / Average data recall and hold functions, the meter can be recalibrated at ‘zero’ data from each start of operation in a bid to maximize its accuracy. It is a high quality and outstanding device for HVAC industries, ventilation survey, air conditioning, air balancing and environmental monitoring.

  • Telescopic probe for positioning sensor
  • Measures air velocity, air volume and air temperature with various measurement units as option (m/s, ft/min, km/hr, MPH, knots, CFM, CMM, °C, °F)
  • Combination of hot wire and thermistor technology which delivers rapid and precise measurements at reasonable low velocity
  • Sensor is stainless steel slim probe design & extendable up to 91cm in length
  • Hot-wire sensor eliminates moving parts for more consistent results
  • Max. /min. / avg. and data hold functions
  • Unlimited ‘Zero setting’ adjustment to enhance data accuracy
  • Dual channels LCD display with full screen backlight
  • Low battery indicator
Air Velocity Measurement
m/s0.1~35.0 m/s0.01m/s(5%+1dgt) of readings or

(1%+1dgt) of full scale

km/hr0.3~122.5 km/hr0.1km/hr
ft/min20~6889 ft/min1ft/min
MPH0.2~78.2 MPH0.1MPH
Knots0.2~68 knots0.1knots
Air Volume (CFM/CMM) Measurement
CFM0~99999 ft3/min0.001 to 100
CMM0~99999 m3/min0.001 to 100
Temperature Measurement
0 ~ 50°C0.1±1.0°C
32 ~ 122°F0.1±1.8°F
General Specifications
Operating Temperature0~50°C (32~122°F)
Operating Humidity<80%RH
SensorHot wire type with thermistor equipped probe with extendable up to 910mm
HousingRobust ABS plastic
Sampling timeApprox. 0.8sec
DisplayDual channels 55mm LCD screen
Auto power offApprox. 20 min
Power supply9V battery
Dimensions185 × 66 × 33 mm
  • 1 x Hot Wire Anemometer
  • 1 x Extendable Sensor Probe
  • 1 x Power Adapter
  • 1 x Carry Case
  • 1 x 9V Battery
  • 1 x Instruction Manual
  • 1 x Standard Factory Packing

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