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Calibratable Digital Food Grade Thermometer

  • Switchable Celsius (°C) to Fahrenheit (°F) or vice versa
  • Stainless Steel foldable insertion probe
  • Readout on display is capable to be rotated in 180 degrees (upside down) to suit your comfortable reading zone
  • Quick response
  • Data hold
  • LED blue backlight
  • Re-calibration function
  • Highly recommended for food, cooking, meat measurement applications

Calibrate Digital Food Grade Thermometer is for the daily use in catering, food processing & other relevant industries.

If your food business stores, transports, prepares, cooks or sells potentially hazardous food, then you must have a thermometer so you can measure the temperature of this food. Potentially hazardous food includes food that contains meat, fish, dairy products and eggs. It also includes cooked rice and pasta.

The thermometer must be kept at your food premises. If you have several premises, you will need a thermometer at each place.”


1. Temperature range: -40 to 350°C (-40 to 660°F)
2. Operating temperature: -20 to 50°C
3. Resolution: 0.1°C (0.1°F)
4. Accuracy: ± 0.5°C
5. Housing: Durable ABS plastic
6. Insertion Probe: 100mm (4″) Stainless steel step down type
7. Display: 38mm (1.5″) LCD screen with blue backlight
8. On / Off Switch: Power on automatically upon probe released, power off when unfolded
9. Calibration: One touch re-calibration function
10. Power Supply: 2 x 1.5V AAA batteries
11. Dimensions: Approx. 140 (L) x 30 (W) x 20 (H) mm
12. Weight: 50g (without battery)

  • 1 x Insertion Probe Food Thermometer
  • 2 x 1.5V AAA Batteries
  • 1 x Standard Factory Packing

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